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Effect of stainless steel tank wall thickness on the product
Nov 13, 2020

Stainless steel tank I believe that we are not unfamiliar, most of the use of people feel that the product's anti-corrosion effect is good, but most people should not know the product's anti-corrosion effect and the thickness of the wall has a certain relationship, specifically to see the wall thickness of the product.


1. The service performance of stainless steel storage tank exceeds that of traditional FRP containers and plastic welded containers. Its corrosion resistance and service life are twice that of FRP, and it can replace titanium, nickel, alloy steel and other materials in a considerable range.


2, the thickness of the wall of the stainless steel storage tank can be adjusted according to the density of bearing liquid, used for filling water or concentration is below 30 acid and alkali liquid, can be stored in the temperature of 60 degrees below the solution, if the equipment to store acid and alkaline chemical liquid needs to be appropriately thickened.


Thus it can be seen that the wall thickness of stainless steel storage tanks is different, bearing different objects, and cost-effective, so we can buy according to their actual needs to choose the thickness of the wall of the product.

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