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Discussion on the discharge of stainless steel storage tanks
Nov 18, 2020

When you hear the name of the stainless steel tank will also feel strange, the tank adopts the rolling molding process as a whole. It has the advantages of no welding, no leakage, no toxicity, light weight, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, long service time, etc.


Stainless steel storage tanks with internal and external corrosion characteristics can be placed in a highly corrosive environment. General storage tank operating conditions for room temperature and atmospheric pressure; Tank service conditions can be less than 70℃ temperature and hydraulic pressure less than 1kg/cm2. Roll-plastic anti-corrosion storage tank has great advantages in large size, large capacity and large volume of products.


If it is 2.3 M3 chemical storage tank, it can be made into cone bottom, head bottom, in this form, it should be hung up or made into legs. If it is a large storage tank, you can make a inclined bottom, in a word, chemical storage tank discharge method is still a lot of, need to comprehensively consider their own actual situation and economic capacity.


Stainless steel storage tank can store and react most of the inorganic acid, alkali, salt solution and most of the organic solvents, can partially replace stainless steel titanium, nickel, alloy steel and other materials, the products comply with the regulations on the storage and transportation of dangerous goods.

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