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Discharge requirements and precautions for storage containers
Oct 27, 2018

Before the start of work, the storage container tells the staff who filled all the parameters with the professional technicians about the entire filling work flow and precautions, and made a work division. The blowdown operator uses a copper wrench to remove the feed seal and the tanker. The discharge control pipe is firmly connected to the storage inlet of the storage tank to ensure no leakage.

Discharge of storage container

1. After receiving the instruction, the storage container will open the tank valve and start unloading. When carrying out the operation, it is necessary to prepare a portable hand test ring pentane alarm to test and leak the entire filling process and set up special monitoring to find the leak. , ready to close the valve for maintenance.

2. During the process of storage container miscellaneous discharge, the work of unloading operation shall not leave the discharge valve. To some extent, it is necessary to prepare for emergency. If there is a leak, immediately close the tank discharge valve!

3. After 50 minutes of unloading time, the blowdown operator will pay attention to the pressure change of the tanker at any time.

5. When confirming that the discharge in the tanker is completed, close the tank upper valve.

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