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Differential performance between two typical heated reactors
May 12, 2018

In fact, both electric heating reactors and far-infrared electric heating reactors are heated reactors. Of course, there are differences in performance between many places. In order to better use these two types of heating reactions must be fully understood. The difference in the kettle.


As a commonly used type of heating reactor, the electric heating reactor is a double-layer reactor, there is a certain space between the liner and the shell, the use of electric heating tube heat to provide heat to the heat transfer oil medium, and then through the heat transfer oil The oil bath transfers heat to the reactor vessel liner. The medium in contact with the bladder is heated by the heat of the steel plate and slowly reaches the required temperature for the material reaction.


Under normal circumstances, the electric heating tube, the core component of this type of heating reactor, is connected through a flange connection, an interposed reaction kettle sandwich oil bath, the number of electric heating tubes and the power to be combined The total power, electric heating tube is generally 220v/380v voltage, 220v electric heating tube must be a group of three, star connection to combine three power supply required.


The far-infrared electric heating reactor is a single-layer reaction equipment, which transmits heat to the far-infrared emitting device through the resistance wire heating. The far-infrared radiation directly radiates heat to the material medium through the short wave breaking heat, and can form no dead angle, each Uniform warming of the molecular structure of the regional material.


The common point of the above two types of heating reactor is the wiring method, but it is not completely the same. The far-infrared device can be combined into a circle sub-area, sub-area heating up and down, the number of electric heating power linear fine-tuning, by adjusting the percentage of heating power Realize that the heating temperature is within 600 degrees.


Through simple comparison, it can be seen that far infrared heating device has higher heat utilization rate, higher heating speed and longer service life under the same heating power, and does not require heat conducting oil, but the far infrared initial investment is slightly higher. . The user needs to select the appropriate heating reactor to meet the work requirements in combination with actual requirements and conditions.

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