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Difference between open cap type and closed type in reaction kettle
Oct 10, 2020

Due to the different production technology and operating conditions in various fields, the structural style of the reaction kettle is also different. According to the structure form, it can be divided into two types: open reactor and closed reactor. Let's first have a brief understanding of the two structural forms of the reaction kettle through the following contents, and then talk about the respective advantages of the two structures:


Open cap type reactor means that the reactor body and the head are two parts of the reactor, which can be connected by flange. During operation, the reactor cover can be opened for feeding. The closed reactor means that the reactor body and the reactor cover are integrated without a flange connection, and the reactor cover of the closed reactor is open with a visual mirror, manhole or hand hole for material delivery and observation. There are also differences in the application scope between open cap reactor and closed reactor.


The structural forms of the reactor mainly include separation type and closed type. The open type is body cover separation and the middle type is connected by cushion and clamp. Generally, the volume is below 5000L. Closed for the body cover, the general volume of more than 5000L. These two kinds of structures have their own advantages, which are convenient for open disassembly. If there is any problem with the pipe opening on the cap of the reactor, it is easy to remove and repair separately, while closed type has better sealing performance. Generally speaking, open type structure and flat welding butt type flange connection and cover type two.


General open reactor use a bit more flexible, if the pressure and leakage rate requirements are not high to choose it. Closed reactor can be selected if pressure and leakage rate are required. This reactor has better sealing, but the production and maintenance costs are also relatively higher. After understanding the characteristics of the two structures of the reaction kettle, I believe that users in the selection will be more convenient.

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