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Details of the external coil reactor after installation
Sep 20, 2018

The outer coil reaction pot is installed, and there are still some details to be aware of before using the operation. These details are often overlooked. We will take a look at these details. First, after the installation is completed, the oil should be injected into the water jacket. Cool the lubrication machine seal to extend the service life. Rotate the fan fan fan by hand, no abnormal noise, flexible rotation, oil can not leak.


Note that when the outer coil reaction pot is refueling, you can add oil from the fueling cup and see that there is oil in the oil cup. When the reactor speed reducer is commissioned, it is necessary to add 46# turbine oil lubrication. After the gearbox is running for 20 days, the oil is changed for the first time. After that, the oil is changed once every six months. When the oil is changed, the oil drain nut can be opened. If the conditions permit, the reactor water is circulated through the circulating water to cool down (in the case of low temperature, it is not necessary), and the cooling water is low in and out.


When lifting the reactor lid, if the height of the workshop is not high, the motor and reducer can be removed. When removing the outer coil reaction cooker motor, loosen the four bolts and remove them with flat wings or dials. Or you can reduce the height by removing the reducer. The method is to loosen and remove the bolts at the joint of the reducer and the bracket, and take off the four bolts of the bracket coupling, take them together, and connect them after the equipment is checked. And turn the fan wing by hand to see if it is flexible and can be put into use without abnormal noise (Note: to fill the oil).


For different application requirements, the outer coil reaction pot is designed differently for its working pressure when it is structurally designed. Production must be processed, tested and commissioned in strict accordance with the corresponding standards. The stainless steel reactor is different according to different production processes and operating conditions. The design structure and parameters of the reactor are different, that is, the structure of the reactor is different, and it belongs to non-standard container equipment.


The overall composition of the outer coil reaction pot may also vary due to factors such as production process and operating conditions. The agitation forms generally include anchor type, paddle type, turbine type, push type or frame type. Heating methods include electric heating, hot water heating, heat transfer oil circulation heating, far infrared heating, and outer (inner) coil heating. The electric heating reactor has a sealed form and a mechanical seal. The support seat has a support type or an ear mount or the like.


In the production field, the outer coil reaction pot has the characteristics of rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, convenient use, etc. For the physical changes such as heating, cooling, liquid extraction and gas absorption, a stirring device is required to achieve a good effect. The outer coil reaction pot can be designed and processed for customers.

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