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Detailed production method of chemical mixing tank
Jan 17, 2019

The raw materials used in the chemical mixing tanks are also selected high-quality 304, 316L stainless steel materials, and the materials entering the plant must be strictly tested. The material of the chemical mixing tank should be drawn according to the drawing size, marked with a marker, and then cut, polished, rolled and other processes.


Then, the cut stainless steel plate is rolled into a coiling machine and assembled and welded. After welding, the concavity, verticality and horizontality of the tank wall are all met. The operator should be familiar with the control system of the coiler, the method of operation and the bending process of the workpiece.


The surface of the chemical mixing tank body is rough and unclean when it is not polished, and the welding marks are obvious at the welding place. At this time, it needs to be polished to achieve a smooth and smooth surface. After the cylinder is finished, the upper and lower heads, the base and the bracket need to be assembled and welded. When welding, the concave and convexity of the tank wall, the verticality, and the horizontal level of the upper and lower mouths are all met.


The stirring device of the chemical mixing tank is generally installed on the upper head, the base is welded at the opening of the upper head, the stirring device is fixed on the base by the flange, and the stainless steel tank jacket is inflated and tested by the air compressor. After all the configurations are welded, each detail of the chemical mixing tank is finely polished to make the surface of the tank bright and mirror-finished. After the commissioning is passed, the quality inspector checks the inside and outside of the chemical mixing

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