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Detachable plate heat exchanger
Dec 07, 2017

The detachable plate heat exchanger is also called the detachable plate heat exchanger. It is a heat exchanger with compact structure and high efficiency for heat exchange. It has been used for several decades. The detachable plate heat exchanger is primarily applied to milk processing and processing. Because it has the characteristics of small volume, easy disassembly and cleaning, it is soon applied to food processing, beverage, beer processing and pharmaceutical processing. At present, detachable plate type heat exchanger is widely used in petroleum chemical industry, electric power, papermaking, metallurgy, fuel ethanol, waste heat recovery, heating and other industries, as the heater, cooler in the process, and can be used as evaporator and condenser in refrigeration system.

Plate feature:

The heat transfer plate with superior flow and heat transfer performance is designed by using the numerical simulation technology of superfine network and the precise experimental measurement method. The plate can produce high turbulence and high heat transfer coefficient at low velocity. Compared with the other manufacturers, the plate has a smaller drag coefficient under the same heat transfer coefficient in the same condition. The human shaped corrugated plates form as many as thousands of contact points between the plates. The pressed plate has a high precision, which makes the contact point between the plates even under pressure, which can withstand the pressure of up to 2.5MPa. Import plate design with the streamline Triage area guide, it has the difference between different flow channel function, the fluid flow and heat transfer in the plate region of uniform distribution, so as to avoid the decline of the heat transfer efficiency of uneven flow distribution and flow angle caused by pitting corrosion and scaling problems.

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