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Desulfurization technology of plate heat exchanger
Sep 27, 2020

The plate heat exchanger that we use today does everybody understand the desulfurization technology that plate heat exchanger USES? I believe that we are not so understanding of the technology, so please follow the plate heat exchanger xiaobian to understand.


1. The plate heat exchanger has a rectangular shell with many single roots inside, which can be arranged in a triangle or a square row. In the center of the inner rectangular shell is a tube plate which divides the shell into two parts, forming a channel for high temperature fluid and low temperature fluid.


2. When the high and low temperature fluids flow in their respective channels at the same time, the plate heat exchanger transfers the heat of the high temperature fluid to the low temperature fluid to realize the heat exchange of the two fluids, so that the temperature of the original flue gas decreases to the temperature of the absorption tower, and the temperature of the net flue gas increases to meet the emission requirements. The amount depends on the amount of heat exchange. In order to improve the heat transfer coefficient, the number needed is greatly reduced by winding fins on the heat exchanger.

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