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Design of water flow in stainless steel storage tanks
Nov 20, 2020

Stainless steel storage tank will have strong corrosion resistance in the use, in the use of the outside air and water will not be chlorine corrosion, each stainless steel storage tank before the factory are subjected to pressure testing and inspection, under normal pressure service life can reach more than 100 years.


The sealing performance of the stainless steel storage tank is good. During the design process, the sealing design does not allow the harmful substances in the air and mosquitoes to invade the tank, so that the water is not polluted by the outside and breeding red insects.


Stainless steel storage tanks have adopted scientific design, so that you can make the tank bottom sediment don't turn up by water, let the life water and fire water natural stratification, the tanks out of turbidity in water by forty-eight point five percent, but water pressure is increased, to strengthen the performance of the domestic water and fire water facilities.

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