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Design of stainless steel reactor and its thermal energy utilization
Mar 28, 2019

The stainless steel reaction kettle has a wide range of use, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, fast heating speed, etc., and it can effectively heat the temperature control instrument on the thermostat control cabinet during the operation, so that it can be effective to some extent. Control the temperature of the heat-conducting oil and the reaction temperature of the materials in the equipment, so that it can be fully automated to a certain extent. The electric heating devices are group-installed, mainly by electrically heating the thermostat cabinet to achieve grouping. control.


The stainless steel reactor is very compact and simple in the design process. The equipment is simple in the process of operation, and it can effectively realize the heating and cooling reaction to some extent, and then stir in the model, such as the equipment. It is more productive and yields better and costs less.


In the process of operation, the stainless steel reaction kettle needs to make reasonable use of its thermal energy, and select its ideal process operation conditions during the process of use, so that it can effectively strengthen its insulation measures to a certain extent, and improve its transmission to a certain extent. The thermal efficiency, so that the heat loss is reduced to a low limit, so that the residual heat or the heat generated after the reaction is fully

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