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Design and selection of mixing and stirring device in industrial mixing tank
Jan 29, 2019

The mixing device in the industrial mixing tank is mainly composed of a copper rotor, a permanent magnet rotor and a controller. The copper rotor is fixed on the motor shaft, the permanent magnet rotor is fixed on the load rotating shaft, and there is a gap between the copper rotor and the permanent magnet rotor. In this way, the motor and the load are converted from the original hard connection to the soft connection. By adjusting the air gap between the permanent magnet and the copper conductor, the output torque variation on the load shaft can be realized, thereby realizing the change of the load rotation speed.


The design and selection of industrial mixing tanks are closely combined with the purpose of mixing operations. Different mixing processes need to be realized by different mixing devices. In the design and selection, the agitator should be determined according to the purpose and requirements of the mixing operation. Type, motor power, agitation speed, and then select the reducer, frame, agitator shaft, shaft seal and other components.


According to the industrial mixing tank process conditions, mixing purposes and requirements, choose the type of agitator; according to the determined agitator type and the flow state generated by the agitator during the mixing process, the process controls the mixing time, the sedimentation speed and the dispersion. Requirements, motor power, agitation speed, and agitator diameter are determined by experimental means and computer simulation design.


According to the motor power, stirring speed and process conditions, select the reducer model from the gearbox selection table. According to the installation form and structural requirements, the design of the mixing shaft structure is selected and the strength and rigidity are checked. In the combination and configuration process of the stirring device, the key dimension of the connection between the components is the size of the shaft head, and the components with the same size of the shaft head are interchangeable and combined in

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