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Decomposition and blasting technology of stainless steel reactor
Oct 23, 2020

1. Process system:


(1) Occurrence reason: the increase of oxygen content in the system leads to the decomposition and blasting of the reactor.


(2) Treatment method: strictly control the oxygen content in the stainless steel reactor process system.


2. Wear and heat of bearing components:


(1) Consequences: overheating after the temperature rise to lead to the decomposition of blasting.


(2) Treatment methods: strictly check the quality of spare parts, improve the quality of maintenance.


3. There are impurities in the reactor


(1) Causes: here refers to the reaction kettle into the mechanical impurities, the local friction caused by heat, resulting in the decomposition of blasting.


(2) Treatment method: pay attention to the maintenance do not drop into the mechanical impurities.

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