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Corrosion resistance of stainless steel storage tank
Mar 22, 2020

Gas storage tank manufacturers strong anti-corrosion ability in the use of goods in the use of its anti-corrosion effect directly affects the service life.


1. The manufacturer of gas storage tank should avoid the violent impact and knock against the equipment during the equipment process. Stainless steel storage tank containing high resistance of organic solvents should be set up anti-static equipment.


The air storage tank is normal temperature and pressure storage tank. The operating temperature of steel-plastic composite storage tank is -40℃ ~ 98℃, and the operating temperature of polyethylene full plastic storage tank is -40℃ ~ 60℃. Equipment operating environment should be far away from the source and avoid touching open flames.


Because the data of the plastic flange is softer than that of the steel plate, the user should check the sealing function of the storage tank equipment before using it, and the liquid can be added to inquire whether it is leaking. Chemical liquid storage tank, the best water test leakage, in case the composition is thrown away. When storing chemicals in tanks, the stored items shall be marked conspicuously. There should be excellent drainage ditch and dilution equipment near the place where storage tank is placed.


The acceptance of stainless steel gas storage tank equipment should be acid proof gasket and seal, and replace the gasket in time.


Stainless steel storage tank has a relatively strong corrosion resistance, it can not be the outside air and water residual chlorine corrosion. And authentic stainless steel storage tank manufacturers in the products before the factory are to pass super pressure inspection and inspection.


The stainless steel tanks are designed with a sealing plan that effectively eliminates harmful substances and mosquitoes from the air, and ensures that the water in the tanks is free from outside contamination and red insect reproduction.


Stainless steel storage tank does not need to be cleaned often, the accumulation of material inside only need to open the sewage valve on time to be able to discharge, useful to avoid the contamination of human body bacteria and viruses.

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