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Corrosion resistance and lifting requirements of storage containers
Dec 12, 2018

The storage container has certain corrosion resistance when used, and is suitable for acid, alkali and salt solvents to a certain extent, and the medium has small selectivity and strong versatility. The storage container meets the requirements of the food hygiene standards for storage and transportation to a certain extent. The product has strong impermeability and fatigue strength, and its impact strength is three times that of ERP.

The storage container has light weight, low energy consumption, no need for repair, strong adaptability, recyclability, no post-treatment pollution, long service life (more than 10 years), and is the lowest cost reliability product. In order to improve the service life of the product, it should be avoided to install in a high-corrosion environment. It is common to check the anti-corrosion condition of the steel external surface and do the anti-corrosion work of the steel can. Avoid high-corruption and environmental protection, and do a good job of normal protection.

When the storage container has lifting lugs during transportation and installation, the steel rope should be hoisted into the lifting ear. If there is no lifting lug, the steel rope binding barrel should be hoisted, and the impact and deformation should be avoided during the lifting process. Products can be directly placed on the basis of leveling and

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