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Control of control instrument in industrial reactor and selection principle of stirring paddle
Oct 23, 2018

In industrial reactors, the main function of the controller is to monitor and control various parameters such as temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level, humidity, PH value, etc. It has the characteristics of high control precision, stability and reliability, and is an important accessory for the reactor. . Before the reactor is started, it is necessary to check that the motor speed control knob and the voltage adjustment knob are at the minimum position to reduce the impact on the controller. After the utility power is normal, restart the power according to the normal power-on sequence.


There are many ways to heat industrial reactors. Frequently, there are far infrared heating, heat transfer oil heating, and steam heating. The far infrared is divided into ordinary electric heating and electromagnetic induction heating; the heat transfer oil is divided into heat transfer oil circulation heating and heat conduction oil electric heating; and the industrial reactor cooling method is generally matched according to the heating mode of the reaction kettle. The cooling of the reactor can be water-cooled, oil-cooled, air-cooled, etc., and the cold-removal form also has the form of an inner coil and an outer jacket or an outer coil. The use of water cooling and oil cooling in the cooling process is different. Medium: oil or water.


In addition to the above two important factors, the selection principle of the stirring paddle in the industrial reactor is also mastered. When the industrial reactor is selected, the slurry type and the baffle condition are determined according to the purpose of mixing and the flow state, and the flow state is determined by the stirring medium. The effect of the viscosity.


Industrial reactors are used in specific conditions, not only for slurry type and mixing purposes, but also for advancing medium viscosity ranges, agitation speed ranges, and tank capacity ranges. The proposed selection table is also selected according to the purpose of mixing and the flow state during stirring. It also has the advantage that the use range of the slurry type is divided according to the characteristics of different mixing processes, so that the selection is more specific.

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