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Composition requirements for tank bottom, tank wall and tank top of stainless steel storage tanks
Aug 24, 2019

Stainless steel tank wall

The tank wall of the stainless steel storage tank is welded by a plurality of sets of steel plates, and is divided into a sleeve type and a straight type. The circumferential weld of the sleeve type tank wall is overlapped, and the longitudinal weld seam is butted. This type of vault tank is mostly used, which has the advantage of facilitating the pairing of the wall panels of each circle, and it is safer to use the flip-chip method.

The straight-walled tank wall is welded to the circumferential weld. The advantage is that the tank wall has the same diameter from top to bottom, and is particularly suitable for the inner floating roof storage tank, but the group has higher requirements for installation and is more difficult.

Tank top of stainless steel storage tank

There are a plurality of fan-shaped plate sets on the top of the tank, which are welded to form a spherical crown. The inner side of the tank top is made of flat steel and the ribs are used. The slab welds are used between the various fan-shaped plates, and the entire tank top and the angle steel ring on the upper part of the tank wall (or Weigh the lock) and weld it into one.

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