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Composition and advantages of U-tube heat exchanger
May 24, 2020

U-shaped tube heat exchanger is a kind of shell-and-tube heat exchanger, which is composed of tube plate, shell, tube bundle and other parts. Each tube of the U-tube heat exchanger is bent into a U-shape, and the inlet and outlet are installed on both sides of the same tube sheet. The head is divided into two chambers with a partition, thus each tube can be freely expanded and contracted , And has nothing to do with other tubes and shells.

The advantages of U-tube heat exchanger are:

◆The tube bundle can float freely, no need to consider the temperature difference stress, and can be used in large temperature difference occasions;

◆It has only one tube plate, few flanges, few leakage points and simple structure;

◆The U-tube heat exchanger is reliable in operation and low in cost.

The disadvantages of U-tube heat exchanger are:

◆It is difficult to clean inside the tube. Since the tube needs to have a certain bending radius, the utilization rate of the tube sheet is low;

◆The innermost tube of the tube bundle has large spacing, and the shell side is easy to short circuit. When the flow velocity in the pipe is too high, it will cause severe erosion on the U-shaped bend pipe section, affecting its service life;

◆If the inner tube is damaged, it cannot be replaced, so the scrap rate is high.

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