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Component reassembly and protection measures for stainless steel heat exchangers
Mar 21, 2019

As one of the most popular mechanical equipments in the world, stainless steel heat exchangers are more important to human life. Before reassembling the stainless steel heat exchanger, the parts of the qualified heat exchanger plates, gaskets, heads, clamping bolts and nuts must be cleaned.


Before the gasket is bonded to the groove, it is necessary to dissolve the residual glue in the groove with acetone or other organic solvent, and then wipe it with a fine gauze; use a bristle brush with the same width as the gasket groove. The synthetic resin adhesive is applied to the groove of the plate, then pressed into the sealing gasket and flattened with a flat steel plate, and placed for forty-eight hours;


Dissolve and remove the residue that is squeezed outside the groove with an organic solvent such as acetone. When replacing the new gasket, be sure to carefully check the position of the four corners of the new gasket to ensure that it must be sealed with the old one. The gaskets are the same. Since the stainless steel heat exchanger is a universal hot air device, it is used in conjunction with drying equipment for various materials. Its application range is also very wide, so everyone is very important for the protection of stainless steel heat

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