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Comparison of reaction vessel and pressure vessel and whether the reaction pot belongs to
Dec 07, 2018

A reaction vessel, which can be simply understood as a container capable of performing various reactions, so that such a vessel is collectively referred to as a reaction vessel, and it is of various types and materials, and is widely used in various industries and fields, so Based on this, the next step is to learn and understand the reaction container, so as to master the professional knowledge related to the product.


1. In which industries is the reaction vessel available? Is the reaction pot a reaction vessel?

The reaction vessel, from the current point of view, can be used in petroleum, chemical, food, pharmaceutical, pesticide and scientific research industries to complete the reactions of polymerization, condensation, sulfurization, alkylation and hydrogenation. At the same time, get the desired substance and so on.


The reaction pot, which belongs to the reaction vessel, can be of various sizes and models. In the heating mode, there are jacket or coil steam heating, electric heating and oil heating. In addition, according to the material production requirements and user requirements to determine the appropriate pressure, temperature, material, type of stirring device, speed, sealing structure and heating methods, etc., and then, according to these manufacturing, get the user's needs product.


2. What is the reaction vessel in chemistry?

Chemical reaction vessel, which can be considered to refer to vessels capable of containing reactants, such as beakers, test tubes, conical flasks, round or flat-bottomed flasks, gas cylinders and jars, etc., and the choice of these reaction vessels The above is determined by the three conditions of the reactants, the reaction conditions and the reaction characteristics.


3. Comparison of pressure vessel and reaction vessel

A pressure vessel, from a professional point of view, refers to a closed device that contains gas or liquid and can withstand a certain pressure. It is used in the chemical industry for heat transfer, mass transfer and reaction. It can also be used to store and transport pressurized gas or liquefied gas. In addition, it will also be used in the civilian sector. Therefore, from the definition of its definition, it is different from the reaction container, and the two cannot be equal. However, there are some of the same types in pressure vessels and reaction vessels.


In addition, there are also open and closed types on the reaction vessel. How to distinguish between the two types depends mainly on whether they have something in common with the outside world, and some are open type, and vice

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