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Common insulation materials used in stainless steel water storage tanks
Mar 20, 2019

Common insulation materials used in stainless steel water storage tanks

Stainless steel water storage tanks are used to store water as the name implies. In order to meet different requirements, thermal insulation materials are required. There are three kinds of thermal insulation materials commonly used in stainless steel water storage tanks. One is a foam board, which is used for stainless steel water storage tanks that store hot water. It is a rigid foam insulation board that is continuously extruded and foamed through a special process. ,


In the case of stainless steel water storage tanks for storing cold water, the insulation material used is usually rock wool. Rockwool is made of natural basalt as the main raw material. After high temperature melting, it is made of artificial inorganic fiber by high-speed centrifugal equipment. At the same time, special binder and dustproof oil are added, and then heated and solidified to make various specifications and different. Rockwool insulation products required.


There is also a best heat preservation effect for stainless steel water storage tanks, that is, polyurethane foaming, generally used for hot water tanks, and the cost is high. The polyurethane is a polymer made of a polyisocyanate and a polyether polyol or a polyester polyol or a raw material such as a small molecular polyol, a polyamine or a chain extender such as water or a crosslinking agent. By changing the type and composition of the raw materials, the shape and properties of the product can be greatly changed, and the final product from soft to hard can be

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