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Common heating agent and coolant for stainless steel heat exchanger
Jan 25, 2019

When the stainless steel heat exchanger is used to solve the heating and cooling of the material, the selection of the heating agent and the coolant is also considered, and a lot of materials can be used as the heating agent and the coolant. The commonly used heating agent for stainless steel heat exchangers is saturated steam. Water vapor is the most widely used heating agent. Due to the high coefficient of heat transfer film when saturated water vapor condenses, the pressure of steam can be changed to accurately adjust the heating. Temperatures, and often use low-cost steam engines and turbines and exhaust gases.


Since the saturated steam temperature exceeds 180 ° C, a high pressure is required. Generally used only in stainless steel heat exchanger heating temperature below 180 °C. The common coolants for stainless steel heat exchangers are water and air, which can be taken directly from nature without special processing.


Compared with water and air, the specific heat of water is high, and the coefficient of heat transfer film is also high. However, the acquisition and use of air is more convenient than water, and should be selected according to local conditions. Water and air act as coolants to the local temperature limit, and the general cooling temperature is 10 to 25 °C. If you want to cool to a lower temperature, you need to apply a low temperature agent, 00 ° C), high pressure (2.5 Mpa)

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