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Common applications of flat heat exchangers in the civilian sector
Mar 21, 2019

Common applications of flat heat exchangers in the civilian sector

Flat-plate heat exchangers are very common in many civil fields. For example, due to their compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, and high heat transfer efficiency, they have become heat exchange products for heat exchange stations in urban central heating projects. The water-water heat exchange system, the steam-water heat exchange system and the domestic hot water supply system play an important role in rationally distributing heat energy and improving the heat management level.


At the same time, the plate heat exchanger is used for the heat exchange of chilled water in the air conditioning system. The plate heat exchanger is installed between the cooling tower and the condenser near the condenser to function as a condenser to prevent corrosion or blockage of the equipment. And can save the running time of the chiller during the transition season.


In high-rise buildings, HVAC systems with water, glycol, etc. as heat exchange media often have extremely high static pressure, and flat heat exchangers are used as pressure blockers to decompose higher static pressure. For a small part of the pressure, which reduces the pressure requirements of the system on pumps, valves, hot and cold water units, etc., saving equipment investment costs and operating costs.


The ice storage system using the plate heat exchanger plays a role in regulating the peak and valley filling of the power grid, that is, using the chiller to cool at night, storing ice in the ice storage tank, meeting the demand for the next day's cooling capacity, and reducing the load of the air conditioner. Peak, which saves energy and saves operating

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