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Cleaning of stainless steel welded plate heat exchanger
Jul 15, 2020

1, the stainless steel plate heat exchanger cleaning cycle to regularly check the effectiveness of cleaning agent, you can use the PH test paper to determine. If the solution remains at PH 2‐3 then the cleaning agent will remain in effect. If the PH of the cleaning agent reaches 5‐6, an appropriate amount of Fostertek cleaning agent needs to be added. The final PH of the solution was maintained at 2‐3 for 30 minutes with no significant change, demonstrating a cleaning effect.


2. After the cleaning time is reached, the cleaning solution shall be recovered. Rinse the exchanger repeatedly with clean water until it is neutral. Determine the PH value of 6~7 with PH test paper.


3. After cleaning, it can be started up and run. You can also press the test to see if there is any leakage. If there is a leak, meijia Hua polymer composite material can be used for repair and protection, and can greatly extend the service life of the equipment.


4. After the equipment is stable, record the current media flow rate, working pressure, heat exchange efficiency and other data.


5. By comparing the changes of the values before and after cleaning, the production costs such as electricity and coal cost saved every hour and the improved work efficiency can be calculated, which is exactly the value compensation for the application of Fostech technology.

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