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Cleaning of spiral plate heat exchanger
Mar 08, 2020

The cleaning of spiral plate heat exchanger should choose different cleaning agents and processes according to the different internal heat exchange medium.


A, scale


Long-term operation will cause the equipment to be scale blockage, which will reduce efficiency, increase energy consumption and shorten life. If the scale can not be removed in time, will face the risk of equipment maintenance, shutdown or scrap replacement. For a long time the traditional cleaning methods such as mechanical methods (scraping, brushing), high-pressure water, chemical cleaning (pickling) and so on in the air compressor cleaning many problems. Unable to completely remove the scale and other sediments, and cause corrosion to the equipment, the residual acid on the material to produce secondary corrosion or corrosion under the scale, and eventually lead to the replacement of equipment, in addition, the cleaning waste liquid toxic, need a lot of money for waste water treatment. Enterprises can use kd-l412 high-efficient environmental scale remover produced by shandong kaidi chemical co., LTD., which has the characteristics of high efficiency, environmental protection, safety and no corrosion, not only good cleaning effect and no corrosion to the equipment, to ensure the long-term use of the equipment.


B. Oil or tar scale


If the spiral plate heat exchanger medium contains light, heavy oil or tar material, it will gradually form oil scale or coal tar scale on the inner wall in the long time running process. If the grease can not be removed in time, will face the risk of equipment maintenance, shutdown or scrap replacement. Here, it is recommended to use shandong kaidi KD - L211 spiral plate heat exchanger of chemical production coke cleaner, this product is my company's latest research results, using contains special charged based on the strong penetrating agent and synergistic agent refined but become, for all kinds of mechanical equipment, pipelines, diesel generators, fuel generator set a special carbon deposition has excellent dissolving removal ability, no matter how much carbon deposition thickness or hardness, can be found within 4 to 6 hours of removal from the equipment surface. The effect is remarkable, extremely quick and effective. It is suitable for cleaning oil scale, coal tar scale and carbon accumulation in all kinds of pipeline carbon deposition, coal tar pipeline, spiral plate heat exchanger, reaction kettle, benzene column, distillation column and other equipment.

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