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Cleaning of plate heat exchanger
Jun 18, 2020

When we use plate heat exchangers, why don't we recommend that they be cleaned as a whole? Next to give you a brief introduction, plate heat exchanger overall cleaning disadvantages.


1. Frequent disassembly of plate heat exchanger will result in deformation of suspension groove at both ends of the metal plate, and deformation at the groove will cause misdirection between the metal plate, so that the metal plate is very easy to be deformed. When water flows through the plate heat exchanger, it will affect the water flow rate and aggravate the scaling and corrosion of plate heat exchanger, as shown in Figure 1. Plate heat exchanger is a kind of heat exchanger which is made of thin metal plate (generally stainless steel) pressed into corrugated heat exchange plate, and then superimposed with sealant pad.


2. The heat exchanger must be disassembled during cleaning. In the process of disassembly and assembly, the gasket is easy to be damaged, and the metal plate or gasket is often damaged due to too tight assembly, or leakage occurs due to insufficient tight assembly. As a result, the medium leakage between metal plates is caused, the water of continuous casting equipment is cooled by demineralized water, and the plate heat exchanger often has internal leakage phenomenon. The demineralized water runs into industrial water, which increases the cost of demineralized water and the loss of spare parts of plate heat exchanger, and also increases the equipment cost.

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