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Clean industrial tubular heat exchanger
Aug 07, 2020

Industrial tube heat exchanger cycle to regularly check the usefulness of cleaners, can use PH test paper determination. Assuming the solution persists at PH 2‐3, the cleaner will still be useful. Assume that the detergent PH reaches 5‐6, the appropriate detergent needs to be added. After all, the PH of the solution did not change significantly after 30 minutes at 2‐3, confirming the arrival of heat exchanger cleaning; After arriving at the cleaning time, recycle the cleaning solution. Wash the heat exchanger repeatedly with clean water until it is neutral. Determine the PH value of 6~7 with PH test paper. After cleaning, the machine can be started up. It can also suppress experiments to see if there are leaks. If leakage is assumed, polymer composites can be used for correction and maintenance, and the service life of the heat exchanger can be greatly extended.

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