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Classification of heat exchangers
Sep 10, 2019

Heat exchangers can be divided into:


(1) heater: the heater is used to heat the fluid to the desired temperature. The heated fluid does not undergo phase change during the heating process.


(2) preheater: the preheater is used for preheating the fluid to improve the efficiency of the whole process unit.


(3) superheater: superheater is used to heat saturated steam to reach the superheated state.


(4) evaporator: evaporator is used to heat liquid and make it evaporate.


(5) reboiler: reboiler is a special equipment for distillation process. It is used to heat the condensed liquid and make it vaporize again.


(6) cooler: the cooler is used to cool the fluid to the desired temperature.


(7) condenser: the condenser is used for condensing saturated steam to release latent heat and condense and liquefy

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