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Classification of heat exchanger
Apr 30, 2020

A heat exchanger is an energy-saving device that achieves heat transfer between two or more fluids at different temperatures. For large-area heating, the existence of a heat exchanger is essential.

According to the heat transfer method of heat exchangers, heat exchangers can be divided into three categories:


Direct contact heat exchangers, also called hybrid heat exchangers, are devices that directly contact and exchange heat with hot and cold fluids. Generally, the two fluids in direct contact are gas and liquid with lower vaporization pressure;

Energy storage heat exchangers utilize the thermal conductivity of solid materials. Specifically, the heat medium first heats the solid materials to a certain temperature, and the cold medium obtains heat from the solid materials. Through this process, heat transfer can be achieved;

The partition wall heat exchanger also uses the heat conduction of the intermediary medium. The cold and hot media are separated by the solid partition wall, and heat exchange is performed through the partition wall. For heating enterprises, partition wall heat exchangers are the most widely used. According to different structures, it can be divided into tube heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger and heat pipe heat exchanger.

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