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Chemical reaction of the reaction vessel and advantages of use
Oct 06, 2018

The reaction vessel mainly refers to a type of vessel equipment used for chemical reaction of substances. In general, reactors, generators, reactors, decomposition towers, synthesis towers, polymerization tanks and the like are commonly used. Most of the reactions in the vessel are carried out under conditions of high temperature, high pressure and even ultra-high pressure. The raw materials and catalysts involved in the reaction are mostly flammable and explosive substances.


As a kind of pressure-bearing equipment, the reaction vessel should be strictly in accordance with the design and manufacturing process of its pressure vessel during the process of use. To some extent, it can eliminate the defects in quality such as welding, and the container is in use. To prevent the wall from being thinned due to corrosion or the like, the compressive strength is lowered. Therefore, the container should be periodically inspected, repaired, and subjected to a withstand voltage test to ensure the compressive strength of the container.


The process specification of the reaction vessel needs to be verified by a special design unit. If there is no relevant identification, the production process is not allowed to be changed. Production operators must be familiar with production process specifications, operating conditions, reaction heat release of raw materials, products, intermediates, and fire and explosion hazard properties to prevent operational errors.

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