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Chemical cleaning method for stainless steel storage tanks
Nov 08, 2020

In the installation or manufacturing process of stainless steel storage tank, the inside and outside surfaces are very easy to drop dust, rust and other stains, so after the installation of stainless steel storage tank needs to clean it, to ensure that there are no stains before loading into the material, to avoid the impact on the material. Stainless steel storage tanks commonly used cleaning method is chemical cleaning, the following we will understand the chemical cleaning method of the specific method.


Chemical cleaning methods is often use spray cleaning, spray cleaning is to clean up by homogeneous and chemical solutions to the stainless steel storage tank, and then make the solution by gravity flow to the tank bottom, in the process of solution flow to the tank bottom, the solution will be and tanks on the residual rust stains in chemical reactions, such as to clean tanks.


In this process, it is necessary to pay attention to timely adjust the spray head orientation, so that the solution can clean the whole tank, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the tank. So before cleaning, be sure to pick up a suitable sprayer to ensure that the solution can be evenly sprayed on the tank. In addition, the spray head of the sprinkler had better be free to move, so that the coverage will be more complete.


Using chemical cleaning method can make the stainless steel storage tank clean to meet the basic requirements of use, which is other cleaning methods can not achieve, so it is very important to master this technology.

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