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Check the operation of the reactor
Nov 03, 2020

Check the operation of the reaction kettle at any time and stop it for maintenance if any abnormality is found. When cleaning titanium epoxy, do not use alkali water brush, take care not to damage the enamel. The agitator should be turned on before feeding in the reaction kettle. When there is no noise and it is normal, add the material into the reaction kettle. The amount of feeding shall not exceed the process requirements. Before opening the steam valve, open the return valve first, then enter the air valve. Open the steam valve slowly, make it to the jacket preheating, gradually increase the pressure, the pressure in the jacket is not allowed to exceed the specified value. Steam valve and cooling valve can not be started at the same time, steam pipe passing gas must not hammer and collision. When opening the cooling water valve, open the backwater valve first, then enter the water valve. The cooling water pressure shall not be lower than 0.1 mpa and shall not be higher than 0.2 mpa. Water ring vacuum pump, to start before water supply, stop the pump, stop the pump after water, and should be removed in the pump water.

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