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Characteristics of stainless steel storage tanks when storing different liquids
Mar 19, 2019

Characteristics of stainless steel storage tanks when storing different liquids

Stainless steel storage tanks can be used to store various liquids, and the corresponding characteristics are different. For example, the minimum temperature of the juice wine stainless steel storage tank can be lowered from 100 ° C to minus 20 ° C, and different refrigeration units can be replaced according to different requirements of customers. Refrigeration equipment can also be installed separately to meet different levels of refrigeration requirements, and the tank size is also customized.


The stainless steel storage tank is designed with a venting valve on the side to greatly reduce the evaporation loss. At the same time, a breathing cap is fixed at the top to ensure that the material has enough air to enter when flowing in and out, preventing the tank from generating negative pressure and causing deformation. The parts are polished and polished, and fixtures and dust-proof devices are installed at all inlets and outlets. The tank is equipped with a CIP cleaning system, one-button automatic cleaning, high efficiency and labor saving, and the cleaning is completely free of residual stains.


There is also a white wine stainless steel storage tank for long-term storage of white wine, which can ensure the aroma, purity and color of the thin wine. Therefore, the stainless steel storage tank must ensure the surface gloss and corrosion resistance. The topping is generally spherical, and the bottom of the cylinder is conical in shape. It adopts international advanced SUS-304 stainless steel. If the medium contained in the fruit is edible white wine, the surface of the storage tank should be free from damage, scratches or carburization to avoid pitting

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