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Characteristics of spiral plate heat exchanger
Mar 07, 2020

Good thermal performance. The curved spiral channel and the fixed distance column are conducive to the enhancement of the turbulent state of the fluid. For water-water heat transfer, the coefficient of heat transfer can be up to 1.8 ~ 3.5 kW/(m(·℃)) per square meter per Celsius (kW/(m(·℃)).


Has the self-cleaning effect. When the fluid in a single channel passes through the deposit of impurities in the channel, the flow rate will be relatively increased and the impurities will be washed out easily.


(3) non-detachable structure of good sealing performance, suitable for highly toxic, flammable, explosive or valuable fluid heat exchange.


The fluid in the adjacent channel flows in a pure countercurrent mode, and the maximum logarithmic average temperature difference can be obtained, which is conducive to the heat transfer of small temperature difference and suitable for the recovery of low temperature potential heat energy.


The heat transfer area within the volume of the compact unit equipment can reach 150 meters.


6 due to the spiral channel itself elastic free expansion, temperature stress is small.


The price is low. The key to the selection of spiral plate heat exchanger is the problem of blockage, although it has a self-cleaning effect, but due to improper design or operation of the blockage will occur, even the use of detachable structure is difficult to use mechanical cleaning. Using water, gas or steam blow wash, easy to operate and better effect. The biggest disadvantage of helical plate heat exchanger is that it is difficult to repair.

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