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Characteristics of heat exchangers used in refrigeration
Aug 27, 2020

Characteristics of heat exchangers used in refrigeration:


I. Small refrigerant charging capacity is conducive to environmental protection and lower operating cost:


The volume of shell side and tube side of heat exchanger is very large. To make the refrigeration system work normally, a large amount of refrigerant must be filled, and it may cause environmental pollution. The plate heat exchanger, on the one hand, is small in volume, on the other hand, the spacing size is also small.


Ii. Less freezing tendency and higher frost resistance:


Because water at low flow rates can form a highly turbulent flow in the heat exchanger, the temperature distribution is very uniform, thus reducing the freezing tendency of frozen water. Even when freezing occurs, it is more able to withstand the pressure generated by freezing, unlike shell and tube heat exchangers, which can easily make the heat pipe burst, and can continue to be used after freezing.


3. Complete evaporation and high economy:


When the refrigerant evaporates in the refrigerating heat exchanger, it is easy to achieve complete evaporation to a liquid-free degree, so in most cases, the refrigerating system does not need to set up a gas-liquid separator. And this heat exchanger is easy to realize the unit, easy to install, maintenance and transportation can save costs and reduce costs.

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