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Characteristics and heat transfer mode of blade cutting machine
Dec 10, 2019

The cutting and scraping machine and cutting machine dryer is a cooling and crystallization process. The molten material in the material plate contacts with the cooling drum, forming a material film on the surface of the drum. Through the heat transfer between the material film and the femoral wall, the material film is cooled and crystallized. The drum drying of the scraper is a continuous operating process in which the material attached to the outer wall of the drum or strip material is heated and dried by means of rotating drum and heat transfer.


Characteristics of blade cutting and scraping machine


1. The performance of the scraper reaches the level of foreign equipment.


2. Equipped with side scraper to avoid material accumulation at the side end of drum.


3. Compact structure and small floor area.


4. Half tube jacket type material tray, safe and reliable.


5. Atomization cooling, good cooling effect.


6. Infinitely variable speed, drum speed adjustable.


7. High precision of rotating drum.


8. Wide adaptability, simple and flexible operation.


9. The use of multiple groups of scraper, flexible adjustment.


10. Multi-function, can be sliced and dried.


In the preparation stage of the cutting and scraping machine, it is necessary to pay attention to the wet wood is better than the cut dry to some extent, the material that is too dry can be cut into powder, if the material is too dry and hard, you can choose the material soft bake, and then slice, with high viscosity material can be adjusted to increase the thickness of the piece.


The feeding stage of the cutting and scraping machine: when feeding, when slicing small pieces of material, press with plastic mold, or there will be material jumping phenomenon, will not be cut to. If the material is a bit large, the material can be machined to fit the size of the inlet and then sliced.


With a complete after-sales service system, the machine can provide pre-sales and after-sales support, so that customers can be assured, satisfied with the equipment, timely solution to customer problems, in line with customer demand is our pursuit.


The cutting and scraping machine is divided into open type and semi-closed type, fully closed type, vacuum type, nitrogen protection type. Blade material, brass, tin bronze, steel, nylon, bakelite, phenolic resin, alloy steel saw blade. Discharge system has single out, double out, save out

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