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Causes of leakage of valve packing in reaction kettle
Oct 30, 2020

Reaction kettle is a kind of reaction equipment. Attention must be paid to it during operation, otherwise it will be damaged for many reasons and the production will be forced to stop. Here I will tell you the causes of leakage in the filling of the valve in the reactor:


1, the number of packing rings is insufficient, the gland is not pressed.


2, packing is not the right choice, not resistant to medium corrosion, stainless steel valves, valves are not resistant to high pressure or true V air, high temperature or low temperature use.


3. Improper packing installation, with defects such as small size instead of large size, poor spiral wound joint, tightness up and looseness down.


4. When the filler exceeds the service life, it has aged and lost its elasticity.


5. If the valve stem precision of the reaction kettle is not high, there are defects such as bending, corrosion and wear.


6. The gland, bolts and other components are damaged so that the gland cannot be pressed down.


7, gland skew, gland and valve stem gap is too small or too large, resulting in stem wear, packing damage.

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