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Causes of excessive pressure drop of plate heat exchanger
Sep 23, 2020

In the use of plate heat exchanger, the pressure drop may appear too large, so what is the cause of this phenomenon, let's have a brief understanding of the following:


Line 1, operating system is not normal purge, especially many dirt in the new pipeline installation system (such as welding slag, etc.) into the interior of the plate heat exchanger, due to the port area of plate heat exchanger is narrow, the heat exchanger in sediments and suspended solids away gathered at the Angle of L and the diversion area, result in the department of port area is greatly reduced and pressure loss in this area.


2. In the first selection of plate heat exchanger, the area is too small, resulting in high inter-plate flow rate and large pressure drop.


3. After the plate heat exchanger runs for a period of time, the pressure drop is too large due to scaling on the plate surface.

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