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Cause analysis of heat exchanger vibration
Aug 17, 2020

The vibration of heat exchanger is caused by the fluidity of the shell side. In addition, the vibration causes leakage and serious damage of the tube, causing a lot of noise, and the pressure drop on the shell side of the heat exchanger is increased. With the increase of heat exchanger volume, the total number of vibration and destruction continues to increase, which has caused concern in the industry.


There are several kinds of damage caused by vibration: heat exchanger tube type heat exchanger is caused by surface impact and surface damage caused by vibration impact; The radiator adjacent to the heat exchanger was destroyed by impact. The service life of casing heat exchanger is reduced according to vibration. The pipe fitting contains a small gap which will damage the heat exchanger pipe.


Heat exchanger, also known as heat exchanger, is a machine that transfers part of heat flow physics to cold fluid mechanics. Heat exchangers are used for heating in daily life, condensers in turbo-generator equipment and water coolers on aerospace rockets. Heat exchangers are also widely used in chemical plants, crude oil, driving force and nuclear power industries.


The key role of heat exchanger is to ensure that the whole process of the special temperature of the material, in addition, it is one of the key machinery and equipment to improve the efficiency of electric energy. Heat exchanger is a kind of independent machine equipment, such as electric heater, cooling tower and condenser. But also the composition of a process technology, such as the ammonia synthesis tower in the heat exchanger.

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