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Carefully select materials for making spiral plate heat exchangers
Apr 19, 2018

If there is a high-efficiency heat exchanger equipment that can be applied to vapor-steam, vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid and other liquid heat transfer, it is a spiral plate heat exchanger, currently chemical, petroleum, solvent, medicine, Food, light industry, textile, metallurgy, rolling, coking and other industries are using a heat transfer equipment.


In the design and manufacture of spiral plate heat exchangers, the key to solve is its material problems. In addition to stainless steel plates, in principle, it can also be manufactured with galvanized plates. However, there are prerequisites, such as the heat transfer area to meet the requirements, but also have anti-corrosion properties, this time we need to clean the water treatment in order to extend the life of the heat exchanger.


The working temperature of the spiral plate heat exchanger is also determined by the materials used, most of which are carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and titanium. In order to further improve the pressure bearing capacity of the spiral plate, the distance between the plate and the plate is Column support. There are two types of fluid inlet and outlet on the cylinder: normal and tangential.


Secondly, the strength of the spiral plate heat exchanger should also be considered. This is determined based on the actual pressure of the heat exchanger, but there is no problem under normal circumstances. Therefore, materials with good strength and excellent anti-corrosion properties can in principle be used as materials for the production of spiral plate heat exchangers.


But do not ignore the cost of materials, under normal circumstances, we use the spiral plate heat exchanger because the manufacturing process is more complex than the plate type, so the site is small, heat transfer efficiency requires a higher place to use, most of the use of stainless steel.

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