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Basic types of spiral plate heat exchangers
Apr 18, 2020

Heat exchanger as an important auxiliary equipment in chemical production, the heat transfer between two kinds of materials is carried out in the production. The fluid temperature is different in the adjacent two flow channels.


Basic types of spiral plate heat exchanger:


A. non-detachable type: the spiral plate heat exchanger after being rolled up, its two ends are soldered and cannot be disassembled, forming a fixed structure, and the flow passage cannot be touched inside. It is suitable for fluid heat transfer which is not easily blocked. Non - detachable and divided into horizontal and vertical structure.


B. detachable; After the coil plate type heat exchanger, each end will only be a runner welded to the end, and another runner open, and then on the end face to seal the end cover, the end cover can be removed, so as to clean the inside of the runner. It is suitable for heat transfer of easily blocked fluid.


C. Special form: some spiral plate heat exchangers used in chemical industry need special structure according to the requirements of processing technology. Both ends are provided with heads, end covers or two heat exchangers are connected in series.


Spiral plate heat exchanger features: compact structure, small floor area, high heat transfer efficiency, flexible operation, wide application, small heat loss, easy installation and cleaning. Long heat transfer channel, runner spacing, heat - resistant temperature, not easy to leak. Therefore, it has a high heat transfer efficiency. After heat transfer, the temperature of the cold medium is easy to approach the temperature of the hot medium. It is suitable for the heating or cooling treatment of viscous materials and granular materials, but not for the heat transfer of fibrous biological materials. Spiral plate heat exchanger is a kind of high efficiency heat exchanger equipment, suitable for vapor-liquid, vapor-liquid, liquid-liquid heat transfer

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