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Arrangement of spiral plate heat exchanger in the workshop
Jan 26, 2019

The arrangement of the spiral plate heat exchanger is generally dependent on the equipment associated with it, in order to comply with the process and shorten the length of the pipe. The arrangement of independent spiral plate heat exchangers, especially large heat exchangers, should be arranged outdoors as much as possible to save the plant. The layout and the facilities and facilities required for the maintenance of the spiral plate heat exchanger must be considered.


The spiral plate heat exchangers can be arranged separately or in groups. The group arrangement can save space and be neat and tidy; the heat exchanger tube bundle extraction end can be arranged on the inspection channel side; the heat exchanger and the heat exchanger, the heat exchanger and At least 1m horizontal distance must be set between other equipment. When the position is limited, it must be at least 0.6m.


The horizontal spiral plate heat exchanger should be arranged to avoid the center line of the heat exchanger to the center line of the pipe rack or the frame column, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the heat exchanger tube and the replacement of a single pipe. The arrangement of the heat exchangers on both sides of the pipe gallery requires that the distance between all heat exchanger heads and the pipe columns is almost the same.


If there is a small exhaust valve in the liquid phase at the top of the vertical heat exchanger, the operator should be able to access it; when it is placed on the frame platform, there should be space for the pipe bundle above it. When the medium of the heat exchanger is gas and condensate is formed during the operation, the outlet pipe of the heat exchanger should generally be a bagless tube, and the condensate flows into the receiving tank. At this time, the standard of the heat exchanger is higher than that of the receiving tank, and the equipment should be checked when it is

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