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Application of operating pressure of evaporators
Feb 12, 2021

According to the operating pressure, the evaporator is divided into three types: normal pressure, pressurized and reduced pressure. According to the movement of the solution in the evaporator, there are: ①Circulating type. The boiling solution passes through the heating surface many times in the heating chamber, such as central circulation tube type, hanging basket type, external heating type, Levin type and forced circulation type. ②One-way type. The boiling solution passes through the heating surface once in the heating chamber without circulating flow, and then discharges the concentrated liquid, such as rising film, falling film, stirring film and centrifugal film. ③Direct contact type. The heating medium directly contacts the solution to transfer heat, such as a submerged combustion evaporator. During the operation of the evaporation device, a large amount of heating steam is consumed. In order to save heating steam, a multi-effect evaporation device and a steam recompression evaporator can be used. Evaporators are widely used in chemical, light industry and other sectors.

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