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Application of industrial mixing tanks in laundry liquid production line
Dec 05, 2018

Industrial mixing tanks are widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, pigment and other industries. They are used for mixing and mixing various materials. In the daily chemical industry, mixing tank equipment is required for the production process of washing powder and laundry detergent.


The production process of the laundry liquid is mainly mixed, and the industrial mixing tank is a mixing device commonly used in the production of hand soap. First, the raw materials are processed and metered. Put the raw materials into the mixing tank and mix them. When mixing, the mixing tank should control the temperature. When adding the materials, please pay attention to the pH value not exceeding the specified index. The materials should be placed according to the principle of easy-dissolving materials.


The material is mixed in an industrial mixing tank by vacuum evacuation; the material after mixing and stirring needs to be heated, and then stirred again after heating; the material is discharged from the industrial mixing tank and cooled. Finally add the essence and pigment and mix well. The laundry liquid after processing in the industrial mixing tank should reach a uniform liquid without delamination, no suspended matter or precipitation, and no mechanical

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