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Anti-freezing method of plate heat exchanger in winter
Sep 28, 2020

You've heard about plate heat exchangers, we know from the name that plate heat exchangers need to add water, so the question is how do we prevent plate heat exchangers from freezing in the winter? Please follow the plate heat exchanger xiaobian to understand the antifreeze method.


1. For the water meter installed in the outdoor water meter well, the water in the well should be removed to ensure it is dry, and sand and sawdust should be filled to the edge of the water meter copper.


2. Wrapping can be done with insulation materials. The water supply facilities in the shade should be thickly bound, the top cover of the water tank on the roof should be covered, and the upper and lower intake pipes and valves of the water tank should be wrapped with insulation materials.


3. For outdoor water pipes, use warm articles to wrap the pipes and valves. The wrapping material should be kept dry, not wet with water, and wrapped tightly, and then wrapped in plastic bags or wrapped with plastic tape.


4. Overhaul and maintain the secondary pressurized water supply equipment in various aspects, and cover the vulnerable parts with thermal insulation materials. Cover, prepare anti-cold and anti-freezing materials to resist the influence of various bad weather, ensure the pump unit is always in good working condition.


5. For the frozen water pipe, it is advisable to turn on the tap first, wrap the tap with a hot towel, and then water the tap with warm water. Slowly pour water into the water pipe with warm water along the tap to make the water pipe thaw. If there is still no water flowing out after pouring to the water meter, it means that the meter is frozen. At this time, wrap a hot towel on the meter and sprinkle it with warm water to thaw the meter. Do not bake the meter by fire to prevent damage of the meter.

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