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Analysis of common causes of damage of sealant gasket of plate heat exchanger
Aug 25, 2020

Plate heat exchanger is a very efficient heat exchange device, its application range is very wide, usually mainly composed of plate and sealed gasket, plate heat exchanger seal failure is a very important fault, plate heat exchanger seal failure reasons are what? The most common problems are pressure effect, temperature effect and time effect.


1. Effects of pressure: Can remove the plate heat exchanger in rated working pressure using leak when, in addition to the equipment in the manufacturing and assembly quality factor, general and system inside the abnormal impact load, this is normal operation personnel is not easy to check the situation, the impact caused by the instantaneous pressure peak often about 2 times higher than the normal working pressure, the installation of rubber gasket shift in plate heat exchanger, the plate heat exchanger seal failure, because this kind of device of heat transfer components using stainless steel sheet production, its sealing relatively poor rigidity, at the same time, seal around very long, Therefore, the impact resistance performance is lower than shell and tube heat exchanger.


2. Time impact: if the equipment has been used or idle for several years, the aging of the sealing material may affect the reliability of the sealing, so it is necessary to timely replace the sealing gasket with a new one by taking advantage of the maintenance opportunity.


3. Influence of temperature: The rapid change of temperature can also lead to seal failure. When the temperature changes rapidly, the line expansion coefficient and elastic deformation of the rubber gasket as well as the seal preload will not match, so that the seal preload will be reduced, leading to much lower pressure of the device than the rated design pressure.

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