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Aging treatment of plate heat exchanger gaskets
Nov 04, 2020

Elastic plate heat exchanger gaskets gasket softening of associated with pressure and temperature, when the gasket after losing elasticity, plate heat exchanger will be dripping. In some of the products, in order to solve the dripping phenomenon, caused by seal aging and allowed to adjust the sealing performance of heat exchanger, namely again tight combination bolt, adjust various heat exchanger elastic gasket between the clamping force, solve the problem of dripping. Allowed stress should be used to connect the fixed. Depending on the number of plate heat exchanger in each group piece, can adjust the tight force, one or more every time tight, nut can be turned into 3 mm, and in the process of tight always pay attention to adjust the stress situation of slice, and only allowed to work without pressure heat exchanger, at room temperature to adjust tight force, to prevent the dripping. For did not give in the nameplate stress adjustment range of plate heat exchanger, general stress values are given in the part drawing, in tight such as torque value specified however should not be below drawing, because it is related to the assembly quality and assembling deformation. When tightening torque to achieve the requirement of the specified value, can be in a planned way to elastic gasket replaced. In the important production equipment and used in the corrosive medium, suggest a set of spare seals. The warehouse temperature 18 ℃, in transparent plastic packing, packing can save 3 years or so.

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