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Advantages of the main use and configuration of chemical mixing tanks
Jul 31, 2018

Chemical mixing tanks are commonly used in the mixing of various chemicals in chemical production. The mixed materials enter the mixer for deep mixing and are suitable for manufacturers of dry mixing processes. The chemical mixing tank is composed of a tank body, a jacket, a liner, a head, a magnetic stirring device and a common system pipe. The main material is stainless steel, and the tank is polished inside and outside. The tank has a stirring paddle and stirs when working.


The tank size of the chemical mixing tank is matched with the main mixer barrel, the upper flat cover lower cone, and the jacket can be cooled; and its transmission part is also composed of two parts, namely low-speed stirring paddle and high-speed dispersion system; The sealing system consists of a mechanical seal and a fluoro rubber skeleton oil seal, which has good sealing performance.


It can be found that the chemical mixing tank is covered with a thermometer to display the temperature inside the tank; the top has a cycloidal needle planetary gear reducer to drive the stirring paddle; and can be assembled and disassembled and cleaned, and is an openable can lid for cleaning. Two additional feed ports can be connected to the pipe for easy connection to various ingredients. The discharge port is provided below, and the plug valve is installed to be evenly stirred. The rotary plug valve handle can be placed at 90°. The material is closed and the purpose of mixing is even.

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