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Advantages of Plate heat exchanger group
Dec 07, 2017

1. plate type heat transfer unit automatic timing switch machine. The timing switchgear can be controlled according to the time, date and time period.

2. spare circulating pump and heat exchanger automatic timing switch. The circulation pump is switched regularly and the circulation pump fails automatically. The main board heat exchanger and the spare plate heat exchanger are switched regularly to maximize the service life of the system.

3. automatic switching between frequency and frequency conversion. The system collects the temperature and pressure signal, and controls the frequency conversion of the circulation pump and the water supplement pump. It can automatically realize variable frequency switching between multiple circulating pumps and multiple water replenishing pumps, and automatic switching of frequency conversion and industrial frequency.

4. compared with the intelligent heat exchange unit, the plate heat transfer unit is more concise and human-computer interface, and the operation is easy to use. Equipped with touch screen, the system will have a good man-machine interface, which can show the complete system running status, the equipment status and all kinds of thermodynamic parameters, and the operation parameters are concentrated in digital display. It can be controlled in place, and can also be connected with the central control room to facilitate remote monitoring of users.

The powerful remote communication function of the 5. plate heat transfer unit. Can be wired or wireless on PC. It can not only realize local area network control, but also realize wireless monitoring. When the fault occurs, a wireless alarm signal will be sent to the administrator's cell phone so that the system will be overhauled at the first time.

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