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Accurate control of temperature in heaters in heated reactors
Nov 07, 2018

The liquid circulation of the heater in the heated reactor is closed. The system has an expansion vessel. The expansion vessel and the liquid circulation are adiabatic and do not participate in the liquid circulation. It is only a mechanical connection, regardless of the temperature of the liquid circulation. Or the medium in the low temperature expansion vessel is below 60 degrees.


And the whole liquid circulation is a closed system. There is no water vapor absorption at low temperature, no oil mist is generated at high temperature, and the heat transfer oil can have a wide working temperature; the same machine, the same heat medium can achieve -95 degrees to 200 degrees. Temperature control; no mechanical and electronic valves are used throughout the circulatory system.


Because the heated reactor can accurately control the temperature, the heated reactor is widely used in medicine, building materials, chemicals, pigments, resins, paints, food and other industries, with rapid heating, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, Hygienic, no environmental pollution, no need for automatic boiler heating, easy to use and so on.

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